Q: Do credits transfer to another High School or ISD?

A: Yes

Q: Upon graduation can I go to college?

A: Yes, graduating from ComQuest is no different than any other state accredited ISD or school in Texas.

Q: What do I need to do to withdraw?

A: The state of Texas no longer requires you to come with a withdrawal form. If you are thinking of attending ComQuest the first step is to contact us to enroll and our staff can take care of the rest.

Q: Do I need to have a meeting with my current attending school in order to transfer?

A: No, just contact ComQuest and we will initiate the withdrawal process.

Q: Are you an online campus? 

A: No, ComQuest offers direct instruction classroom setting for all courses.

Q: Are you a self-paced school?

A: No, but there are opportunities for Independent Study as well as Credit By Exam credits.

Q: What type of students attends ComQuest?

A: Most students attend ComQuest for the individualized attention, ability to have a job while earning their high school diploma, and accelerated graduation dates. ComQuest is not a discipline program.



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